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Japan Sun Chlorella®

Chlorella is a whole food that can eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body at the same time. Chlorella is rich in protein,18 amino acids, fiber, beta carotene, vitamins  C, E, K  and all  B  Group vitamins, minerals in chlorella include calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and trace amounts of manganese and zinc, and also contain folic acid, lutein, etc., which are necessary for women. The chlorophyll content is the most in the world's green plants. 

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Unlike other toxins, heavy metals can be catabolized in the liver and then excreted. On the contrary, it is easy to accumulate in the brain, kidneys and other organs, and gradually damage the normal function of the body. Generally, to treat heavy metal poisoning, drugs must be used. Only a few algae plants can naturally discharge heavy metals from the human body. Chlorella is one of them!

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Nutrition and detoxification, both, Chlorella has naturally become one of the top ten healthy foods in the world for many years. If you want to enhance immunity, relieve the three highs, constipation, body odor, repair cells, resist fatigue, and resist chronic diseases, you must start to choose Chlorella from Japan!

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Japan Sun Chlorella, the only brand that only focuses on chlorella research, has developed a variety of chlorella products. 50 years of history, absolutely safe and reliable!

Chlorella---cell wall breaking is very important
Chlorella is so rich in nutrients, but it is protected by the hard cell wall. The cell wall must be crushed by effective wall breaking technology. Sun Chlorella from Japan-uses the patented DYNO ®-MILL wall breaking treatment to ensure wall breakage rate reaches more than 90%, which helps the nutrients in chlorella to be completely released and can be absorbed and utilized by the human body.
Sun Chlorella is the chlorella with the highest breaking absorption rate on the market. Of course, the benefits are the highest!


Studies have shown that Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is the only Chlorella species that contains Sporopollenin that effectively eliminates heavy metals and chemical poisons. However, it is difficult to cultivate and the cost is high. Generally, commercially available chlorella products are rarely used. Japan's Sun Chlorella has insisted on using only this high-quality variety for 50 years to ensure the effectiveness of Chlorella.


Cultivation environment

Nature has given plants the best conditions for growth, and the quality of Chlorella also depends on the cultivation method. Chlorella contains different nutrients. Chlorella grown outdoors in full sun certainly has more nutrients and higher C.G.F. content than indoors. Sun Chlorella is committed to providing high-quality chlorella, each grown in equatorial sunlight and strictly monitored water quality.

Quality certification

  • GMP certified factories produce products, and conduct multiple confirmations such as appearance inspection, weight inspection, foreign matter inspection, bacteria inspection, physical property inspection, and component analysis inspection.

  • Certified by "Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association" (JHFA). For the testing of important ingredients, a third-party certification agency (Japan Health and Nutritional Foods Association) and our own research laboratory conduct double inspections on the product to ensure the quality and safety of each chlorella.

  • Obtain safety self-check certification. According to the survey results at the time, the system in which the results of the health food safety self-inspection conducted by the manufacturer/sales company is reviewed by a third-party certification body (Japan Health Nutrition Food Association) has no conflict of interest, and it is objectively reviewed and certified.

  • The first Japanese chlorella product to obtain the imported health food mark approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health, which is commonly known as the "blue hat" in the industry.

  • Awarded by JPVS, Japan Vegetarian Association, it is labeled as a nutritional supplement without preservatives, artificial colors and suitable for vegetarians.

  • Obtained [Japan Disaster Prevention Food Certification] as a healthy food, can be eaten easily, and can be used as a food for reducing nutritional deficiencies in the event of disasters


Sun Chlorella's chlorella product is the first chlorella product to obtain anti-doping certification from NSF and INFORMED SPORT & INFORMED CHOICE, which proves that this product does not contain prohibited ingredients for athletes, and can be used as a nutritional supplement food for athletes to safely ingest. Supported by American professional athletes.

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Patent certification

(SUN CHLORELLA) Group's chlorella wall-breaking technology has obtained technical patent certification in Japan and the United States, and the formula technology of Agaricus and Chlorella C.G.F has obtained relevant patent certification in Japan, the United States and Europe.


DYNO®-MILL Chlorella Wall Breaking Technology: Japan: Patent No. 3143636 (1981) USA: Patent No. 5330913 (1994) Formulation Technology of Agaricus and Chlorella CGF: Japan: Patent No. 3502613 USA: Patent No. 6627201 B2 Europe: European Patent No. 1247458


About Us

Since 1969, the mission of Sun Chlorella Japan has been simple: to bring chlorella that is nutritious and maintains human health to as many friends as possible.

Our founder Mr. Nakayama Hideo suffered from health complications after World War II. At that time he was only 51 years old, and the doctor informed him that he had only a few years left. Mr. Nakayama almost succumbed to his condition until a friend introduced Chlorella to him from Germany.

Mr. Nakayama was very grateful and decided to devote the rest of his life to research work and spread the wonderful benefits of chlorella to the whole world.

Sun Chlorella has developed a patented wall-breaking technology that can crush the tough cell walls of Chlorella to ensure maximum digestibility and nutrients. This invention makes Sun Chlorella the most digestible Chlorella on the market.

Today, the current president, Mr. Futoshi Nakayama, will continue his grandfather's mission to bring beneficial and healthy Chlorella products to the world.

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