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Sun Chlorella® (Rejuv-A-Wafers) chlorella nutrition tablets for pets
Chlorella nutrition tablets are natural superfoods that supplement the nutrients your pet needs. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, minerals, protein, carotene, chlorophyll and dietary fiber to help your pet stay healthy. Sun Chlorella® patented wall-breaking technology ensures the most abundant nutrition and the highest absorption rate.

Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll and fiber. It is the best natural detoxification and antioxidant food, eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals accumulated in the body. Abundant fiber can help stabilize gastrointestinal function, maintain gastrointestinal health, fresh breath and reduced body odor.


According to research and analysis, administering chlorella to pets who have used antibiotics to treat diseases can effectively help pets get rid of the accumulated antibiotics in the body and avoid the toxic reaction caused by the accumulation of antibiotics Experiments on dogs with stubborn illnesses have confirmed that supplementing with chlorella has a certain effect on the rehabilitation.

Goodbye with bad breath, no more hair in the whole house

Strong breath, body odor, and abnormal hair removal are all warning signs of health problems. If the immunity is weakened, diseases will take advantage of the deficiency, such as diarrhea, colds, liver and kidney problems, joint problems, etc., more serious diseases and mutations.


Do you know how many heavy metals and harmful chemical toxins such as dioxins are exposed to your beloved animals on the street, in the soil, in the food every day?

REJUV-A-WAFERS™ (for pets) Chlorella nutrition tablets, reduce the accumulation of heavy metals and chemical toxins in the animal body, and provide a rich and complete nutritional supplement at the same time. It is 100% natural and drug-free. KEEP taking it every day. Stay healthy and lively!


Rich in nutritional value​

  • Chlorella contains three times as much protein as beef

  • Iron is fifty times that of Bocai

  • The calcium content is ten times that of milk

  • The content of vitamin E is equal to wheat germ

  • The carotene content is 1.5 times that of carrots


  • Reduce body odor and improve breath

  • Healthy skin, bright hair and reduce shedding

  • Improve immunity and reduce virus invasion

  • Improve gastrointestinal health and smooth bowel movements

  • Strengthen joints

  • Improve eye vision

  • Calm temperament


Unique ingredients:

Chlorella vulgaris, lecithin, acanthopanax senticosus

(It does not contain sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives) This product uses only materials suitable for human consumption.


Chlorophyll-is a natural detoxifier, plus fiber, improves gastrointestinal health, improves digestion, removes bad breath, and improves body odor.

Lutein-repairs eyesight, improves dryness of eyes, and balances the secretion of tears.

Acanthopanax-known as (Siberian ginseng), it strengthens joints, relieves stress, and eases temper.

Lecithin-enhance skin health, make hair more moisturized, and reduce abnormal hair loss.


Suggested dosage

  • Pets under 50 pounds: 1 tablet per day

  • Pets over 50 pounds: 2 tablets per day

It can be eaten directly as a snack or added to the main food.




* It should be stored where children cannot obtain it.

* Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and avoid moisture.

Recommended by top veterinarians in the United States

The famous California veterinarian-William Farber said: "I strongly recommend that every owner should give his pet REJUV-A-WAFERS, because it contains all the very important natural nutrients."


User's voice

​My cat has pulmonary fibrosis and has been wheezing and coughing for a long time. I've tried veterinarian-recommended and market-based cough and lung-relieving products, but it's still good and bad. Once I accidentally discovered this product, Sun Chlorella REJUV-A-WAFERS, and I gave it a try. At the beginning, it didn't look much different. But two weeks, I found that the cat stopped to cough and pant. It has been eating for more than half a year. I am thankful that there is no more coughing and panting now.

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