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User Voice - Chlorella Tablets

Miss Lau

During pregnancy, acid reflux is very serious, no matter what medicine or supplements are ineffective, I am very worried about fetal nutrition. After being introduced by a friend, I drink Chlorella Nucleic Acid Essence Drink and eat Chlorella every day. For about a week, I no longer feel the burning heart. I am happy to be in the sun. I can eat normally and go back to the wild every day. Algae, will be daily  keep  Live with Chlorella Nucleic Acid Essence and eat Chlorella.

Miss Siu

"Stomach pain has been lingering for more than a year, and both Chinese and Western medicine are used. Every night, I feel unwell, gas, stomach acid, and loss of appetite. After a friend's recommendation, I got to know the Japanese chlorella, and I tried to eat chlorella in the morning. I take 10 capsules, and then take 10 capsules after lunch and dinner. After two days, I feel that the stomach discomfort has been relieved a lot. Now I carry a pack with me. I chew a few capsules when I feel a little discomfort in my stomach, and I feel much more comfortable! After eating for more than two months, I have only had stomach pain once! It made me so happy, and I was so happy to have met Chlorella Japan.”

Miss Chantelle

"I'm 18 years old this year, and I don't know why my periods stopped for more than a year (of course, it's not pregnancy ). I tried many methods and it didn't work. I don't know if I stopped menstruation at the age of 18 ? I'm really worried. My mommy friend suggested me to drink Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and take chlorella tablet, thinking: Is it worth it?

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus is a good drink. It's sweet and sour, and it tastes better than lemon tea. Chlorella is like seaweed. I kept drinking and eating for more than a month until I finally have my period.  It has been normal for more than half a year, so happy that I listened to Mommy, it is worth recommending to everyone”

Mrs. Fung - 48 years old

No more headaches is not a dream! I met Japan's Sun Chlorella at the Hong Kong exhibition 5 years ago. In the video I introduced, a user ate chlorella to solve the headache problem for many years, so I decided to give it a try. The initial help to the headache is not obvious. It can even be said to be no response, but it has a good effect on my gastrointestinal stomach. It used to be easy to have stomachaches, but eating chlorella has improved a lot. Plus I have always had anemia problem on the previous year, but two years after eating, the medical examination report showed that the anemia has been greatly improved. Unconsciously, I also found that I rarely need to see a doctor for colds and flu. Since last year, I found that the headache in the morning disappeared, but I still have a slight headache every evening. After another six months, I will no longer have headaches no matter when I get up in the morning or at dusk. I thought that headaches are normal urban diseases, as long as they get used to it, they can coexist. But after the 5 years of experience, I realized that many illnesses are not inevitable. As long as you have perseverance and patience, many illnesses can be avoided. I cherish every day when I no longer have headaches, and I am grateful for the transformation brought by Sun Chlorella!

Mr. Ko - 45 years old

I have been taking some health foods, mainly glucosamine and fish oil pills. I started to consume Japan Sun Chlorella last year. At that time, I mainly wanted to improve my gastrointestinal problems. I also took glucosamine and fish oil pills. One year later, I gradually realized Knee pain is much less. When I was only taking glucosamine, the knee was always good and sometimes bad, but now the number of relapses is less and less, and people are more energetic. I will continue to use this combination as my health care formula.

Mr. Lai - 52 years old

I started to consume Sun Chlorella®  tablets more than 3 years ago. At that time, I started to eat healthy food because I was nearly 50 years old, and I was afraid of serious physical problems. I took 15 tablets a day for general health care. The physical examination is considered healthy every year. The only thing is that cervical spine strain has occurred more than 10 years ago. Every evening, the neck collapses and tightens and causes headaches and slight dizziness. Taking X-rays is just a recommendation to exercise more. Seeing a chiropractor didn't help much, so I had to massage and cupping therapy, and I had to do it once the next day. But last year's physical examination found that the blood pressure was not stable and slightly high, and the doctor suggested to start taking blood pressure medicine. At that time, I realized that I should not eat chlorella for general health care. I took blood pressure medicine and decided to eat 45 chlorella a day. After eating for 5-7 days, the blood pressure has remained normal, but the strangest thing is that there are fewer headaches at dusk, and the dizziness every time I get up is gone. After taking 45 chlorella and blood pressure pills for two weeks, the pain condition has been getting better. The quality of sleep has also improved a lot. In the past, I used to wake up once or twice every night. Now I can sleep till dawn without feeling tired when I wake up. It has been nearly 3 months now, the headache is almost gone, the neck still feels tight but there is no pain, and there is no need for cupping. Neck pain occurred more than 10 years ago, but blood pressure has been a problem for about 1 year. Therefore, I don't believe that blood pressure is causing my neck pain. I believe that the anti-inflammatory effect of chlorella solved my pain. And chlorella is an all-natural food and has no medicinal properties, unlike some health products that add analgesic ingredients, so you can eat it with confidence. I am very grateful to Sun Chlorella® . I originally planned to spend the rest of my life with neck pain and cupping therapy. Now I am full of vitality every day, working hard to do sports and running, and my physique has greatly improved.

B. Gerd,Nevada - 72 years old 

I have been talking about chlorella for the past three years. It has improved my digestive function and energy level. I now dance twice a week and I have strength training. I clean my big house, cook, make art for the show, work at the computer, and help in the church...

Miss Chan - 42 years old

I am a professional woman, besides going to work every day, I also need to take care of my children. I have to cover my child many times every night. As a result, I almost never get a good night's sleep every night, and even start to lose sleep. And I was very tired during the day and lacked energy.

My friend introduced me to take Sun Chlorella® . At the beginning, I took 15 tablets of chlorella daily. About half an hour later, I felt upset in my stomach and nauseous. After dinner, the stomach discomfort disappeared. I think my stomach discomfort is related to my normal stomach problems. At the time, I thought it was a side effect, but later proved my idea was wrong. This is an adjustment response, which shows that chlorella is working. And this kind of reaction often occurs in those organs and tissues that are usually not good.

What is pleasantly surprised is that I had no dreams all night, and I had a good night's sleep. After getting up early the next morning, my whole body felt relaxed and my fatigue disappeared, unlike the previous morning I always felt awake and can't open my eyes. Then start to increase to 20 tablets daily in the next week, and drink a little more water according to the instructions. Unexpectedly, the stool has a strong sense of meaning, and the stool is very good and shaped (the previous ones are not shaped, and there are more broken liquids). Unexpectedly, while chlorella improved the quality of sleep, it also adjusted my stubborn constipation symptoms for many years.

Mia - 26 years old 

At 6 months of pregnancy, I often suffer from constipation. After a friend introduced Sun Chlorella tablets, the situation has improved significantly after a week.

May Dubois - 70 years old 

May Dubois, a 70-year-old retired teacher, has run more than 150 marathons in the past 30 years, and runs an average of 5 marathons per year. Mei said that since a Japanese model friend of hers gave her Sun Chlorella® in 1986, she has been taking chlorella for 30 years and has not seen a doctor for 17 years.

Joanne - 38 year old 

I started taking Sun Chlorella® under the introduction of a friend, hoping to improve the problem of constipation. After taking 15 tablets a day for a week for the first time, I have not seen any significant improvement in constipation. But it feels as if the body odor that has always been present has improved. So I started to take 20-30 tablets and drink more water. I found that the body odor has really improved a lot, and the stool has changed from once every two days to once a day. Stool will not be painful and difficult. Therefore, I believe that chlorella does not solve certain physical problems directly, but improving your overall health and in turns improve various physical problems. Besides, my spirit and sleep have also improved a lot. Thank you!

Jessica - 28 years old 

For many years of eczema, after taking Sun Chlorella tablets for more than 3 months, the eczema has much improved and seldom recurred.  For health care, I will continue to take it.

L.Rodriguez,California - 62 years old

I can confirm that this product is the best. It will not take long to see the results. I have been prone to fatigue, weight gain, poor digestion, and poor memory. Thanks to Sun Chlorella® for keeping me from lying on bed, I have the energy to walk in the morning and evening. My concentration has improved and I can keep my mind focused while reading.

Grace - 42 years old

I did not hesitate to buy a large box of Sun Chlorella® 200 mg tablets, she said: "Although I pay attention to health preservation, but do not advocate medicine supplements. Since chlorella is a natural food, and I I have many years of experience in purchasing health products, I trust Japanese products very much. Sun Chlorella® can enter the U.S. market, and the quality is a double guarantee. Thus, I can try it with confidence."

My husband has allergies. Whether it is air or accidentally taking certain foods, it will cause his body to itch. Even in the previous regimen stage, this kind of allergies has been good and bad. "However, after taking the Sun Chlorella® tablets for a period of time, my husband's allergies rarely occur again. His bowel movements are more normal, and my own skin has improved." So she started to give it to the whole family, from mother-in-law, mother and child, they even mail it to relatives and friends in Taiwan.

So far, the whole family has been taking the Sun Chlorella® products for nearly 3 years. She has stopped the previous extreme regimen and no longer buys any other health products. In addition to taking chlorella, she pays attention to her diet appropriately, and the effect is even better.

Miss Cheung - 26 years old

Suffering from severe nasal allergies, taking western medicine for a long time, but not getting better, and getting worse instead. Later, my friend introduced me to start eating chlorella, 15 tablets of Sun Chlorella® in the morning and evening, and I drank Sun Chlorella® CGF essence on an empty stomach in the morning. My symptoms improved significantly, and my nasal allergies never happened again.

「Women’s world」 

Ladies who ate Sun Chlorella® tablets every day reported that in just four weeks, their skin became smoother, firmer, and shiny, and wrinkles and age spots were reduced.

W. Lake,Nebraska - 67 years old 

I played with baseball players who weighed 340 pounds. We fought for 3 hours in a high temperature and a humidity of 80%. Chlorella gave me the energy to finish the game. I am 67 years old and 285 pounds. Chlorella is essential to help me get healthy!

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