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Chlorella - a good news for people with joint pain

There are countless people around the world suffering from joint pain. The latest research also found that a new position on the body starts to suffer pain, muscle fatigue or persistent discomfort, etc. this is not just a sign of aging, but may be because the body is suffering from slow inflammation.

Dr. Randall Merchant, director of the Department of Neurosurgery and Anatomy of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and his team conducted an experiment. They asked a group of participants who had muscle pain, morning stiffness, headaches and other physical discomforts to continue to consume Sun Chlorella® chlorella tablets. For two months, the results were encouraging. 70% of people felt a significant improvement in joint pain, and 45% felt a reduction in muscle pain. Clinical studies have shown that Sun Chlorella can help reduce joint stiffness and pain by blocking the COX-2 enzyme that causes inflammation and physical discomfort. The results of the study are not surprising to the Japanese, because as a miraculous health food, chlorella has been the No. 1 sales in Japan for 20 consecutive years. It is rich in minerals, proteins and unique chlorella growth factors (CGF), which can improve the body's condition from the microscopic level, enhance the body's immunity, and relieve the root cause of abnormal cell metabolism in the body.

Improve joint pain caused by acidic body

Chlorella is known as the king of alkaline foods. It can help balancing the pH of the human body and is a very suitable food to reduce the acidity of the body. The acidic body is considered to be the source of all diseases, and it has also become one of the factors that cause joint pain. Balancing the pH of the body can help relieve joint inflammation. In addition, lack of human mineral intake can also cause joint pain, and nutrient-rich chlorella contains a variety of minerals required by the human body.

Improve joint pain caused by body toxins

There is also a hidden cause of joint stiffness. Scientists have discovered that toxins in the human body can accumulate in the body for many years. The toxins can trigger negative chain reactions such as general pain and discomfort. Green chlorella is composed of abundant natural chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, known as the master of detoxification in nature, can effectively help the body remove toxins and improve inflammation associated with joint pain. In the presence of toxic substances, such as chemical pesticides or heavy metals (such as mercury), joint pain often worsens. Chlorella can absorb toxins from the body and remove them from the body, and fight joint pain by helping cells and tissues to detoxify.

Improve joint pain caused by intestinal inflammation

Scientific research has found that arthritis is actually closely related to intestinal health. Healthy intestinal mucosa can effectively prevent intestinal toxins, bacteria and harmful substances from invading the body. When the intestinal tract is infected, inflamed or loses the balance of healthy flora, the intestinal mucosa will lose its integrity due to damage. Wastes, pathogenic bacteria or microbial toxins produced by metabolism in the intestine will enter the blood circulation through the intestinal wall. It causes many systemic inflammations, such as arthropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. Chlorella's unique CGF growth factor can help promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, promote intestinal health, and is an important substance to relieve arthritis pain. At the same time, it can restore intestinal health and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

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