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Precious ingredients C.G.F.

Chlorella is a single-celled algae plant, but it does not use seeds to propagate offspring, it can divide into 4 every 20-24 hours, with super vitality. Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) is the source of energy for chlorella growth. The unique and very precious component of Chlorella is composed of a complex structure of nuclear protein, ribonucleic acid (RNA), and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is called plant hormone. It can promote cell renewal, activate and repair damaged cells. C.G.F. can stimulate T cells, enhance the ability to fight viruses, effectively fight viruses, and resist aging. C.G.F. reduces the loss of collagen and strengthens proliferation. Therefore, it can keep the skin elastic and shiny. C.G.F. in Chlorella after wall breakage can increase the regeneration capacity of normal cells by more than 25%, produce better quality cells, and regenerate cells, tissues and organs. Therefore, it helps to strengthen the curative effect during illness and speed up recovery after illness.


Functions of C.G.F.

-Activation, cell regeneration
-Repair damaged cell genes
-Enhance immunity and natural recovery

-Collagen proliferation, smooth wrinkles
-Antiulcer effect of digestive tract
-Preventive effects of chronic diseases
-Probiotics proliferation in the intestine
-Improve liver and kidney function
-Increased pregnancy rate
-Improve physical strength

4 benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.)

1. Increase energy level

Because the nucleic acid component of CGF directly helps increase your energy level, it is absorbed at the cellular level. Promote the increase of energy, direct drinking and absorption. The human body directly ingests these nucleic acid supplements, which can protect and strengthen your body's energy, promote function and metabolic efficiency, enhance physical strength, and become the most effective energy supplement when weak and fatigued.

2. Anti-aging is no longer a myth

RNA and DNA are the main sources of cell repair and regeneration in our body. Aging is due to the decline in the production of nucleic acids in our body. To prevent aging, we must restore and replenish the nucleic acids needed by our cells before we reach the most obvious point of aging. Through the abundant nucleic acid of Chlorella growth factor, the human body can use RNA and DNA to promote cell regeneration and resist the aging process. After an adult is 30 years old, the life cycle of nucleoprotein in the human body gradually decreases, premature aging. CGF has a considerable amount of nucleoprotein, which is necessary to restore human organs and renew senescent cells.

3. Build a strong immune system, not only against influenza

CGF contains special sugar molecules of B-glucan, and research has pointed out that it has a positive effect on the immune system. Promote endocrine interferon, increase phagocytes in the body, effectively improve the immune system, and prevent the invasion of harmful pathogens. Your immune system controls the health of your entire body and its defenses against diseases. As light as a cold, allergic symptoms, to severe illnesses, all have a lot to do with the strength of the immune system. Studies have shown that CGF's B-glucan can keep your immune system at its best and improve cell integrity.

4. Essential for physical recovery

The nucleic acid in CGF can accelerate the recovery time of diseases and strengthen tissue repair, which is necessary for the treatment of body inflammation and wound healing. Not only bruises and abrasions, but the most important thing is to improve the physical weakness after surgery. What's more, during electrotherapy and chemotherapy, to enhance the curative effect, CGF has a lot of nucleoprotein, which is necessary to repair human organs.

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