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Super Alkaline Food - Chlorella

There are two types of human body constitutions: one is the acidic physique that can easily cause disease in the body, and the other is the alkaline physique that can maintain good health. The body fluids of babies and healthy people should be weakly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. However, as years go by, illness, wrong eating habits, or insufficient intake of alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables, the original healthy alkaline body gradually becomes an acidic body. In addition, the Chinese people’s diet is based on starchy foods as a staple food, combined with meat. These are all acidic foods.  Thus, more alkaline foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, must be consumed.

Balanced nutrition, which is what we call a reasonable combination, should be 75% alkaline food and 25% acidic food. Unfortunately, 75%-95% of the average people’s diet is acidic. Some foods do not seem to be acidic, but their residues, that is, the minerals they produce, are acidic. Over time, the human body will tend to be acidic. Generally speaking, acidic physique is the culprit of diseases. Those with acidic constitution are prone to many diseases. Those with weakly alkaline constitution are less prone to fatigue. In other words, they are not prone to illness. The state of acidic body is as follows:
(1) Decreased potassium in cells.
(2) The protein in the cell is reduced.
(3) The ratio of potassium to protein is not balanced.
(4) The hydrogen ion concentration (H+) in the cell increases.
(5) Abnormal SO4 and PO4 contents in cells.
Having the above conditions is an acidic body.

Resources:《養生保健的全營養素-小球藻》- Organized and compiled by the Science Education Branch of China Health Care Association, published and distributed by China Social Publishing House, our company is only for quotation and reference

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The human body automatically adjusts the pH

The human body has a mechanism that can adjust and balance the pH in the body to maintain health. When we eat foods that can form an acidic body, the human body tries to balance the blood pH by releasing alkaline-rich minerals (such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium) into the blood through mechanisms. If we don’t eat enough alkaline foods or get enough minerals, then the body must extract these minerals from other parts of the body, including bones and other organs, which may cause fatigue and damage the immune system, making us easily get sick.

Most green plants are alkaline. One reason is that natural chlorophyll is known as a scavenger of harmful substances in the kidneys, lungs and blood, and these harmful substances are generally acidic. Chlorella is the plant with the highest chlorophyll content in nature. Its content is 10 times that of barley leaves and 5 times that of kale and spirulina. Chlorella is also rich in minerals including calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which are enough to provide acid-base self-regulating mechanisms without affecting other organs. Therefore, chlorella is also known as "the king of alkaline food" .

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