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Production process


1 - Mother Species Bleeding

There are many different species of Chlorella. For 50 years, Japan's Sun Chlorella has been useing the best species, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, as the breeding mother species. Its precious ingredient, Chlorella Growth Factor-CGF, is the most abundant and complete. But at the same time, its cultivation requirements are also the most stringent.

2 - Outdoor Cultivation

Chlorella pyrenoidosa must be cultivated outdoors under strict sanitary conditions and fully exposed to the sun. The pool water must be constantly agitated to promote maximum chlorophyll and CGF content. In order to ensure water sanitation, our outdoor breeding ponds are built in mountain forests above 3,000 meters above sea level and use pure mountain spring water. Therefore, its production cost is the highest among chlorella.


3 - Drying Process

Then, our chlorella is spray-dried with hot air to avoid destroying quality and nutrition. Our products are rigorously tested before and after spray drying, which is the most important step to ensure that the quality and purity remain unchanged.

4 - Wall Breaking Process

Then use the patented technology DYNO®-Mill to crush the chlorella cell wall, which is a unique process to ensure maximum digestibility. This makes Japan Sun Chlorella one of the most digestible chlorella on the market.


5 - tableting and packaging

The chlorella was then shipped to Japan for tableting, packaging and testing. Our manufacturing plant in Japan complies with NSF and GMP certifications.


6 - Finished Products

The finished products are then shipped from Japan to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, so that millions of health-conscious people can take it every day!

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