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Anti-oxidation refers to the abbreviation of anti-oxidation free radicals. The human body continuously produces free radicals in the body due to factors such as respiration (oxidation reaction), external pollution, radiation exposure, etc., due to continuous contact with the outside world. Scientific research shows that chronic diseases, aging or other diseases are mostly related to the production of excessive free radicals.
In order for a person to live, in addition to having food to provide adequate nutrition, he also needs to breathe continuously to obtain oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for the body to carry out various oxidation reactions. However, when the human body is using oxygen for certain metabolic reactions, inevitably, some unstable substances will be produced, and these unstable substances are all "transformations" of oxygen. Their personalities are very lively, they don’t like to stay in place, and even like to attack others. This dislike of restraint is called a free radical.
In summary, the sources of free radicals are as follows:
1. Smoking (second-hand smoke), alcoholism (each cigarette produces 10,000,000 billion free radicals).
2. Radiation, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, sun exposure, or radiation therapy received by patients
    with chronic diseases will all produce free radicals.
3. Environmental pollution, including air pollution, drinking water pollution, industrial wastewater pollution,
    soil pollution, etc.
4. The abuse of chemical drugs, such as the abuse of food additives, pesticides, vegetable and fruit 
    pollution, drugs, and therapeutic drugs (especially the prescriptions that have not been tested).
5. Mental conditions, excessive stress, irritability, anxiety, depression, tension and other emotional problems
    can also produce free radicals.
6. Modern urbanites are under great pressure in life, poor living environment, full of various pollutions, and
    free radicals in their bodies are flooded. If they are not controlled, they may be attacked by billions of free
    radicals every day.
Antioxidants can be found in the natural diet. They are vitamin E, vitamin C, and β-carotene known as the three major antioxidants. A study published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004 divided the subjects into two groups. One group consumed a lot of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, and the other group consumed the same antioxidants, but ingested from supplements. The results show that intake of antioxidants in natural foods is more effective than supplements to combat oxidative stress, because various antioxidants in natural foods enter the body and interact with each other to produce an additive effect, so it is better than intake of single nutrient supplements. Sun Chlorella is an all-natural super-antioxidant food. In addition to the three above-mentioned antioxidants, it is also rich in chlorophyll, lutein and minerals. Its antioxidant capacity is beyond doubt!
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