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Wakasa Gold Plus CGF Essence 

C.G.F. is the unique active ingredient of chlorella. With the special growth-promoting active ingredient of C.G.F., chlorella has a superb "clone method". Chlorella C.G.F. essence is a kind of chlorella essence obtained by isolating and concentrating fresh chlorella cells many times. It is a water-soluble concentrate rather than a medicine. It obviously has the health effect of rapid absorption by the human body and rapid replenishment.

Repair and upgrade every cell in the body

The human body and all organs are made up of cells. Whether you want to stay young or healthy, the most important thing is to ensure that every cell grows healthily and maintains vitality. The material in the center of the nucleus is extremely important and is called nucleic acid. With aging, air and food pollution, the human body gradually lacks nucleic acid, causing cell metabolism to slow down, accelerating aging and brewing disease. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure sufficient ribonucleic acid for daily needs. Chlorella CGF is rich in ribonucleic acid nutrition, which helps to repair damaged cells and enhance body vitality. CGF can stimulate T-cells, enhance the ability to effectively fight viruses and resist aging. After the wall is broken, the CGF in Chlorella can increase the regeneration ability of normal cells by more than 25%, produce better quality cells, and regenerate cells, tissues and organs.


CGF contains the basic elements of human cells

CGF is composed of a complex structure of rich nuclear protein, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It is called plant hormone (human vitality hormone, promoting endocrine or interferon, etc.), which is able to maintain health and anti-aging. It is also the active core substance that quickly restores physical fitness. Nucleic acids can help cells accelerate metabolism, and the main proteins that form human cells are composed of 20 kinds of amino acids. CGF is the only all-natural substance that contains these two important elements.

The nucleoprotein in the human body helps cells to renew, repair and grow naturally. The production of nucleoprotein in the human body gradually decreases after 1/3 of the life cycle. This process will occur earlier in the case of premature aging and physical weakness. CGF has a lot of nucleoprotein, which is necessary to repair human organs and renew senescent cells. Only chlorella can produce this natural and safe and harmless biological nutrient, and it can be taken alone. The extract of CGF can only be obtained from chlorella. No other plant has the same biological properties as the extract.


Main functions of CGF

  • Activates cell regeneration and restores firmness to the skin

  • Added collagen in the body

  • Enhance immunity and natural recovery

  • Repair damaged cells and genes

  • Antiulcer effect of digestive tract

  • Prevention of chronic diseases

  • Probiotic growth in the intestines

  • Improve liver and kidney function

  • Rising pregnancy rate

  • Improve physical strength

Suitable for:

  • Ladies repair skin, reduce wrinkles and strengthen elasticity

  • After a weak physique or illness, speed up recovery

  • People with weakened immunity, enhance immune function

  • Chemotherapy and electrotherapy enhance the efficacy and reduce side effects

  • The elderly boosts vitality and slow down the aging speed

  • Gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite

  • Deficiency of vital energy, lung weakness, dry cough

  • Improve women's menstrual period problems, menstrual pain, abdominal distension and pain

  • Physiological changes in menopausal women

  • Men's kidney deficiency, hair loss

  • Postpartum conditioning (better breastfeeding mothers, strengthen the baby’s immunity)

  • Developmental children growth

  • Suitable for people who are concerned about blood sugar

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