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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Sun Chlorella® ?

Sun Chlorella® is the expert on Chlorella products in Japan, and all products use Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, the most nutritious species. Compared with other brands that only sell chlorella as a by-product, its professionalism is immediate. Sun Chlorella® has a 50-year history in Japan. It has established its own laboratory and conducted a number of studies and tests with many Japanese university and hospitals. The samples used in all research and experiments were using the Sun Chlorella® products. Compared with other new brands that just use research results to get a slice of the pie, the efficacy of Sun Chlorella® is beyond doubt. In addition, the patented wall-breaking rate of Sun Chlorella® is as high as 90%, which is the highest of its kind, and can completely release the rich nutrients of chlorella. The headquarter of Sun Chlorella® is located in an entire multi-storey building in Kyoto, Japan. It is a landmark of health product in Kyoto. Compared with other brands, the reputation of the self-proclaimed origin is really incomparable. Sun Chlorella® has never had any quality problems in 50 years, and it is also known as the cleanest chlorella*, which can be eaten with confidence.

*Killing Cancer - Not People by Robert G. Wright

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Eating low-breakage rate chlorella but doubling the amount can get the same effect?

Some brands recommend to take 15 to 20 grams per day (ie 75 to 100 tablets). The reason may be that its wall-breaking rate is not high, and it needs to be increased to meet nutritional requirements. But doing so will also cause excessive intake of certain vitamins or minerals, which may have adverse effects on some patients. Therefore, to get the best results, it must be chlorella which has the highest rate of wall breaking, ie. Sun Chlorella®

I want to use chlorella as a nutritional supplement to promote health. From when can I feel the effect?

For general health care, taking 3-6 grams of chlorella a day, you can see positive effects after 3-4 months, such as sleep improvement, the stomach and intestines begin to return to normal function, vitality and endurance increase.

Can I drink tea or coffee after taking chlorella?

Yes. Chlorella is just a kind of food. Therefore, you can serve it with tea, coffee or other foods.

Can I consume Sun Chlorella® products during chemotherapy?

The side effects of chemotherapy usually destroy normal cells. Chlorella CGF Essence and Iwade 101 Agaricus can be used to repair normal cells and improve appetite, so that the immune system can be used to fight the virus. However, some doctors have met to discuss not to consume Lingzhi (a type of mushrooms) products during chemotherapy to avoid affecting the index, so it is necessary to consult your own doctor.

I have goiter, can I still take chlorella?

Yes. Unlike the algae in the sea, chlorella is grown in fresh water. Sun Chlorella® tablets contains only a very small to undetectable amount of iodine and does not hinder thyroid metabolism. However, it is better for chronically ill patients to also seek advice from a family doctor.

Is there a designated safe amount of chlorella?

Generally, for normal health care, it is suggested to take about 3-6 grams (ie 15 to 30 tablets of 200 mg). Only when there are certain problems in the body, it needs to increase to 6-10 grams to achieve the desired effect. If you eat nearly 10 grams of chlorella for a long time, it is recommended to have regular physical examinations to ensure that individual minerals are not too high (because some people may take multiple other health products at the same time).

Does chlorella help smokers?

A randomized double-blind controlled study pointed out (for a period of 6 weeks, with 52 smokers) that taking chlorella can help increase the concentration and activity of antioxidants in the blood, which may have a protective effect on smokers and reduce the risk of related chronic diseases.

Can chlorella be taken during pregnancy and lactation?

Yes, the consumption of chlorella by pregnant women is positive for the normal development of fetal brain tissue. Some people also advocate that it is better to eat before pregnancy, because these essential nutrients will be stored in human fat in order to be used as a precursor for the synthesis of n-6 and n-3 long carbon chain fatty acids in the placenta and fetus in the future to satisfy the fetal brain Developmental needs.

When can my child start eating chlorella?

Some mothers have mixed chlorella powder into their milk to feed their babies since they were born. Since it is an all-natural food, it is no problem for babies to eat. Everyone has a different physique, so you should consult your family doctor about the appropriate amount for your child.

What is the approximate amount of chlorella for children?

Children starting from the age of two and can eat according to their age. That is, take two tablets (200 mg) at the age of two, six tablets at the age of six, and 15 tablets until the age of 12 and up.

I am taking spirulina, can I switch to chlorella?

Both are super foods, but there are important differences in nutritional value. In conclusion, Chlorella is superior to Spirulina in terms of nutritional value and efficacy. For detailed instructions, please refer to this website link - Chlorella and Spirulina.

When do I need to take CGF essence and when do I take tablets?

The biggest function of CGF essence is to activate and repair cells, so it can regulate post-illness and postpartum regulation of pregnant women, and keep the skin firm and wrinkle-free. chlorella tablets contains all the vitamins, minerals and a small amount of CGF of chlorella. Therefore, it is extremely important for daily health care, long term nutritional supplement and improvement of body quality, so it is recommended to take tablets every day. Generally middle aged people can consider one bottle of essence every other month. For the elderly, one bottle monthly is recommended, and for the patient, two bottles a month until recovery.

I need to take medicine for a long time. Can I take chlorella at the same time?

Chlorella is an all-natural food and has no medicinal properties, nor will it reduce the effectiveness of your existing medicine. General medicines have healing effects in the early stages of eating, but in the later stages they become metabolic poisons that accumulate in the body and cause harm. Therefore, taking the medicine while also taking chlorella can effectively take away the metabolic toxins from the body and make the effect more ideal.

Are there any side effects of chlorella?

According to US FDA information, chlorella is a safe food, which means that for most people, eating chlorella is very safe and has no obvious adverse reactions. However, do not use it in combination with anticoagulants (because chlorella is rich in vitamin K, which can promote the coagulation reaction, so it may weaken the effect of drugs)

There are many algae products on the market, how to choose?

When choosing algae products, we must first avoid the types of marine and heavy metal pollution. It is recommended to choose brands with research and development team, technology patents, freshwater aquaculture, etc. At the same time, the rate of wall breakage and species are more important, and Japanese Sun Chlorella® meets the above conditions.

​What is the difference between chlorella tablets and CGF Essence?

Chlorella is in the form of pellets, which is made into tablets after all-natural Chlorella vulgaris is dried into powder. Therefore, it has all the elements possessed by chlorella. Only its CGF content is about 5%. The CGF essence extracts the ribonucleic acid in the chlorella CGF to create a liquid with a CGF content of nearly 70%.

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