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How does Japanese take chlorella

Many people think that they are very healthy or young and strong, and do not need to take any health care products. But in fact, most of the fatal diseases have no signs before they are discovered. Unfortunately, when they are diagnosed, most of them are already moderate or In the later stage, the chance of healing is greatly reduced. Therefore, you must maintain your own immunity while your body is still healthy, and remove the accumulated heavy metals and toxins that cause chronic diseases in your body. The chronic diseases will naturally leave you. Since the human body has the opportunity to come into contact with pollution every day, and even eat different types of heavy metals and chemical toxins, Japanese people also pay great attention to daily health care. If there is no disease condition, they will eat 15-30 tablets (3-6g) per day Sun Chlorella for daily health care.

Japanese will take chlorella before and after drinking, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the gastric mucosa and liver; and the unique enzymes of chlorella can help to relieve alcohol, not easy to get drunk, and can improve the detoxification ability of the liver. 


The unique growth factor CGF contained in Chlorella is a group of unique substances that only exist in the nucleus of Chlorella cells. The main components are nuclear protein, ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and multiple vitamins. , Amino acids, polysaccharides, etc., accounting for 18% of the total weight of chlorella. Studies have shown that Chlorella contributes to cell repair and can help people recover from daily physical consumption. These studies also show that Chlorella can promote cell health, thereby improving overall health.

When the human body has sufficient nutrients, it has strong self-renewal and repair capabilities, which can generate new cells and tissues, smoothly generate necessary enzymes and activate biochemical processes, but these require sufficient nutrients, and the rich nutritional energy of Chlorella help human cells to renew smoothly, thereby maintaining vitality and delaying aging.


In the following severe cases or older persons, it can be increased once a day.


Chlorella is extremely rich in iron, which is very important for the composition of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, thereby keeping the body healthy and energetic. At the same time, iron can prevent fatigue, anemia, and can restore the skin with good blood color.

Chlorella also contains higher active vitamin B12. In the human diet, the main source of vitamin B12 is animal food. Plants (except for a few) do not contain B12. Therefore, chlorella is very important for vegetarians. Importantly, it can promote concentration, improve memory and sense of balance.

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