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User Voice - Sun Wakasa Gold Plus CGF Essence

Miss Lau

During pregnancy, acid reflux is very serious, no matter what medicine or supplements are ineffective, I am very worried about fetal nutrition. After being introduced by a friend, I drink Chlorella Nucleic Acid Essence Drink and eat Chlorella every day. For about a week, I no longer feel the burning heart. I am happy to be in the sun. I can eat normally and go back to the wild every day. Algae, will keep taking Chlorella Nucleic Acid Essence Diet with Chlorella every day.

Miss Chantelle

"I'm 18 years old this year, and I don't know why my periods stopped for more than a year (of course, it's not pregnancy ). I tried many methods and it didn't work. I don't know if I stopped menstruation at the age of 18 ? I'm really worried. My mommy friend suggested me to drink Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and take chlorella tablet, thinking: Is it worth it?

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus is a good drink. It's sweet and sour, and it tastes better than lemon tea. Chlorella is like seaweed. I kept drinking and eating for more than a month until I finally have my period.  It has been normal for more than half a year, so happy that I listened to Mommy, it is worth recommending to everyone”

Miss Wong

My friend introduced me to drink CGF Essence (Concentrated Growth Factor) Sun Wakasa Gold Plus®. I have already drunk the fourth branch. I feel the quality is good. When my friends see me, my skin becomes more energetic and subtle The spots are all light to the left~Recommend

Mr Ko - 47 years old

I have been consuming Sun Chlorella tablets for nearly 4 years. I took 15 tablets in the morning and evening every day. I have better immunity than other friends of the same age. I rarely catch colds. My intestines and stomach are very sensitive, and I often have to go to the bathroom soon after eating. It is especially easy to happen after breakfast. Stools are mostly shapeless, broken and more watery. You have to go to the bathroom 4 to 5 times a day, and it is inconvenient to go to the bathroom as soon as you want to. Under the introduction of Tisco's staff, I purchased a bottle of Sun Wakasa Gold PLUS. I took 15ml before going to bed every day for more than 20 days. The stool water content is obviously reduced, but it is still broken. After buying another bottle (one bottle serving for 30 days), the stool begins to take shape and is reduced to two or three times a day. Now, I can endure it until the feeling disappears without looking for toilet immediately, which is much more convenient.

Miss Po - 46 years old

Suffering from a very serious stomach problem, after seeing the doctor for a long time, the condition did not improve. Instead, it became more and more serious. I often have terrible stomachache and poor digestion. Later, I ate Sun Chlorella® product, 20 tablets of chlorella in the morning and evening, 15ml of Wakasa Gold Plus CGF essence. At first, I felt very tired and in a bad spirit, unable to eat. I thought it was an improvement reaction, so I insisted on eating. On the sixth day, I suddenly vomited a big push of something sour and smelly, which caused pain for nearly two hours. After getting up that morning, the uncomfortable feeling was wiped out. My appetite was greatly improved, and the food was very delicious. After insisting on eating chlorella for three months, the stomach problem that had troubled me for a long time was finally cured.

Samantha  - 46 years old

My daughter was adolescent at the age of 16, and she had a lot of acne. She drink 15ml of Wakasa Gold every night for only two weeks. The magical thing is that she doesn’t have most of the acne, the surface is shiny, and my daughter is so happy about this.

Vivian  - 42 years old

After drinking it for 3 weeks, I went to have a facial. The beautician asked me why my skin get more elastic suddenly.  The Chlorella CGF Essence of Sun Chlorella can really tighten the sagging skin. My husband said that I look more beautiful and younger recently.

Ming - 31 years old

One month after giving birth to my baby, I always suffer from headache and can't sleep well.  It is easy to wake up. After drinking a chlorella CGF growth factor essence, there is no more headache and can have a good night at night.  I am now taking this CGF essence with my husband and we both sleep very well now. Good products should be shared together.

S.lindbery  - 84 years old

I'm 84 years old, but people think I'm only 68 years old. I dance 3 to 5 times a month, full of energy. Thanks to the Sun Chlorella® Wakasa Gold Plus CGF Essence.

M. Taylorson  - 52 years old

I have been taking Sun Chlorella® Wakasa Gold Plus CGF Essence for three months, and I feel the great improvement of my skin. Many people praised my "beautiful skin". This space is too small to describe the vitality and joy of life I get.

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