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User Voice - Megami

Mr Cheung - 46 years old

My child often concentrates on the computer and I was afraid that he will have myopia and astigmatism. A friend introduced him to take Megami every day. Now his eyesight is very good. He has just completed an eye exam this year and he does not need to wear glasses.

Mr Lee - 58 years old

I have a macula problem. The doctor said that my vision will only get worse. My friend introduced me to eat Megami. Keep staying for more than a year. During the follow-up ophthalmology consultation, the doctor said that the deterioration was not obvious and the vision was similar to last year.

Mr Fung - 52 years old

I thought my eyes were so sensitive and get watery easily. After eating Megami for three months, I feel much better now. I feel that presbyopia is not as serious as before too.

Miss Chan - 32 years old

My work is mainly on the computer. I used to have dry eyes at 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. After taking Megami for three weeks, my dry eyes problem have improved a lot. Also, my headaches are reduced.

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