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COVID-19 has become the new normal
Enhancement your immunity TODAY

The new coronavirus has been ravaging the world for more than two years, and medical experts believe that the virus will persist for a long time until there is a truly safe treatment. The way countries respond to the new coronavirus is still dominated by vaccination. But the mutation ability of the new coronavirus is very strong. There may already be two or three variants a year. Is it possible to inject two every year? Three? Even four vaccines? And every time you inject, are you worried about discomfort?

Over the past two years, medical experts from various countries have conducted numerous tests and researches on the epidemic. Although they have not yet developed a complete treatment method, they have also made many achievements in anti-epidemic aspects:

  • Since the new coronavirus needs RNA polymerase to replicate the virus after entering the cell, "zinc" in vitamins can inhibit RNA polymerase and effectively inhibit the virus's ability to replicate; and zinc can make the new coronavirus milder and help the body's immune system. Attack and destroy the new coronavirus without overproducing an immune response. Therefore, the ability to prevent new coronary pneumonia can be increased by ingesting zinc.

  • Indian scientists used computer modeling to find that vitamin B12 can inhibit a special enzyme in the genome of the new coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 responsible for pathogen replication, which can reduce the number of viral vectors and reduce the disease.

  • An Israeli study found that patients infected with new coronary pneumonia, and even hospitalized patients, are generally deficient in vitamin D. Studies in Southeast Asian countries have also found that patients with new coronary pneumonia who are vitamin D deficient at the time of hospitalization are 8 times more likely to become severely ill than patients with sufficient vitamin D levels.

  • White House doctor Conley said that in addition to the antiviral drug "remdesivir"-based treatment, Trump also took drugs such as zinc, vitamin D and aspirin that help strengthen the immune system.

  • Associations between the effects of Covid-19 in European populations and macronutrient intake levels. These nutrients, such as vitamins D, A, C, B6, B9, and B12 and minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, and selenium, are essential for maintaining a functioning immune system

  • Enhancing immune function and ensuring the effectiveness of vaccine administration cannot only depend on a single nutrient! Multi-nutrients need to be supplemented at the same time to enhance protection. In addition to protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation is important for improving protection and ensuring the effect of vaccine administration: vitamin B6 can decompose protein into usable raw materials; vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron can promote the generation and activation of immune cells; vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium can be antioxidant and protect cells; vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc can reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections, and many studies have shown that lack of vitamin D and zinc can increase the risk of new crown infection and severe death; copper can inhibit the virus active.

Based on the research experience of the above countries, strengthening one's own immunity can help prevent and treat the new coronavirus. Is it possible to eat zinc pills, vitamin pills, mineral pills every day...

Chlorella contains most of the elements that boost immunity

Excessive intake of a single vitamin or mineral can be harmful to the body. For example, taking too much zinc can lead to copper deficiency, causing anemia or damage to the nervous system. At the same time, we also noticed the importance of vitamin B complex, but B complex can only be obtained in food. The B vitamins on the market are chemically synthesized purified vitamins and inorganic minerals, which may contain artificial colors, preservatives, sugar, char or other additives. Only a very limited amount of B12 can be absorbed but leaving huge amount chemical waste in your body. Chlorella contains most of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above. Moreover, chlorella itself is an all-natural food, which is easily absorbed by the human body and will not accumulate in the body. The cell walls of Chlorella contain lipopolysaccharides, which can stimulate our phagocytes, like T-cell, which are very helpful in activating the immune system. Chlorella also has unsaturated fatty acids, which can inhibit inflammation.

Boosting immunity is not a one-time thing

The human body has accumulated a lot of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals. These wastes are intake to your body through your daily food causing insomnia, skin reactions such as rashes, lack of energy, flatulence, constipation. These toxins will affect the body's absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Even if you eat vitamins and minerals every day, it is impossible to boost your immunity. Therefore, before enhancing immunity, it is necessary to excrete toxins from the body. But from the time you start noticing the importance of immunity, how many years of toxins has your body absorbed? Products that claim to instantly boost immunity will only make your immune road longer and may end up nothing improved.  Among the users who eat Sun Chlorella, a whole food with detoxification function (an average of 30 tablets per day), 90% of the users felt that the Chlorella’s full-nutrition improved their body’s problems within 6 months. After the year, the immune system has been improved, and most users say that they are less likely to catch a cold, and the number of doctor visits is greatly reduced. This immunity is to accompany you in the future and fight against the unknown virus challenges in the future. It can be said that it is an investment that will never lose. So, the earlier you start, the better your rewards.

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