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Chlorella can boost human immunity

The immune system serves as the body's "natural barrier" against diseases, and under normal circumstances can protect the body from microbes (such as viruses and bacteria) and other foreign substances. The human immune system is composed of immune organs and immune cells, which protect the body from bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells.

If foreign substances such as viruses or bacteria continuously stimulate the immune system, the body will promptly produce the necessary defenses to maintain healthy operation. Therefore, the body must continue to take in the nutrients needed to support the immune system. The lack of nutrients can cause partial or overall weakening of the immune system. Excessive nutrients, such as increased animal fat, can also cause systemic disease.

Due to environmental pollution, unscientific diet and unhealthy lifestyle factors, mutant cells, viruses and bacteria have been hidden in the human body. When the immunity of the human body declines, the disease will become relatively strong, and many people are susceptible to catching a cold (generally people with more than 3 colds in a year can be regarded as low immunity). In severe cases, it can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, blood sugar problems, malignant diseases and even tumors.

Low immunity is the source of all diseases. Dr. Huang Youpeng, who has worked in WHO for many years, has a doctorate from the School of Medicine of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, a member of the European Community Immunological Society, and the director of the Anti-Aging Medicine Center of the People’s Liberation Army 305 Hospital. Several high-incidence malignant diseases, such as lung, breast, liver and colorectal, are closely related to air pollution, unscientific diet and unhealthy lifestyle in the process of urban industrialization. Dr. Huang pointed out: "Long-term low immunity will lead to the occurrence of chronic diseases, and patients with chronic diseases are without exception people with very low immunity."

Dr. Huang suggested that there are many ways to repair human immunity. Maintaining a calm mind, reasonable exercise, diet, psychological regulation and scientific sleep are all effective ways to improve immunity. At the same time, the use of certain targeted medical and health products is also a way to try. Among these products, chlorella is a good product worth recommending.

Chlorella is rich in active growth factor C.G.F., which helps the overall operation of the immune system in a comprehensive and versatile way. Scientists tested the ability of C.G.F. to fight bacteria in experiments on mice, so that weak immune diseases such as AIDS were reversed. Bacteria or viruses invade the weakened immune system and cause the body to become ill, severe enough to be fatal. According to the premise of enhancing immunity, the mice with weak immunity were injected with chlorella essence, and it was found that the number of macrophages and T-lymphocytes in their bodies increased, and the blood tumor necrosis factor and interferon cells hormones rise, and the survival time of mice is significantly longer.

Chlorella promotes immune function and regulates immune balance; promotes the phagocytosis of macrophages, and promotes the secretion of r-interferon and interleukin-12, which helps to improve the body's natural immunity and disease resistance. The way to improve immunity is to supplement protein and vitamins first and trace elements to eliminate the impact of nutritional deficiency on immune function; the second is through detoxification, especially the elimination of chronic disease-causing dioxin, which is the most unique, which can eliminate the impact of virogen on immune function; third is acid polysaccharide and other ingredients have a direct effect on the immune system.

Chlorella can significantly enhance the function of the body's immune tissues, resist chronic diseases, tumors, and viruses; regulate the balance of red blood cells and white blood cells, and inhibit leukopenia after radiotherapy and chemotherapy for chronic diseases. The most obvious example is that recovered patients who regularly take chlorella are less likely to catch a cold again.

Resources:《養生保健的全營養素-小球藻》- Organized and compiled by the Science Education Branch of China Health Care Association, published and distributed by China Social Publishing House, our company is only for quotation and reference

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