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No matter how old you are, some friends often lament that they are "forgetting things easily" What are the reasons? Why more and more people have poor memory? What can we eat to "prescribe the right medicine" to help us retrieve our good memories effectively?

Lead poisoning not to be ignored

Lead is a heavy metal element with neurotoxicity. Excessive lead content in the human body can cause damage to the nervous system, thereby impairing memory. Modern studies have confirmed that heavy metals and toxic chemicals, including lead, can make the body and mind feel dull, fatigue, mental and memory decline and other symptoms. The toxicity of lead to the human body means that the best state of the human body is: zero lead content. However, with environmental pollution and food safety issues, the average lead content of the human body is increasing year by year. It is reported that the average lead content of the modern human body is 1,000 times that of people 500 years ago. Since 1940, the average lead content and number of synthetic chemicals in the environment has increased 380 times...

Take Chlorella for Effective Detoxification

As a super nutritious food, chlorella is called "the holy detox product" by scientists. It is a magical algae plant with a history of 500 million years. Because of its high nutritional value, Sun Chlorella® has won the "Highest Grand Gold Award" at the World Food Quality Evaluation Conference, which is called the "Nobel Prize in the Food Industry" six times. In recent years, the annual consumption has reached an unprecedented 500 tons.

Three Friends Laughing

Scientists have confirmed in an important study on brain aging that chlorella makes memory better and thinking clearer. In clinical trials, a group of people were asked to consume 6 grams of chlorella a day. Six months later, the doctors studied their brain function and found that in the experimental group who consumed chlorella, 32% of the people in the experimental group had obvious thinking and memory improvement.

Vitamin B12 can maintain the normal function of the nervous system. The lack of B12 in the human body can lead to poor memory, blurred will, and even Alzheimer's disease. According to, a health website, nearly half of the elderly in the United States lack vitamin B12, which is a growing problem. However, lack of vitamin B12 in the body will cause fatigue, dizziness, forgetfulness, anxiety, irritability, depression, or emotional and thinking disorders, and persistent tingling, weakness, and numbness in hands and feet.

Take chlorella to replenish brain and increase memory

In medicine, vitamin B12 is usually used to treat neurological diseases, such as neuritis, brain atrophy, Alzheimer's disease, depression and other diseases. An important study in 2010 found that elderly people with mild cognitive impairment, such as supplementing vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid, can slow the brain atrophy and the decline in cognitive function. A study in 2011 also confirmed that if the blood levels of vitamin B12 in the elderly are higher, the brain atrophy will be significantly reduced, and their memory and cognitive function test scores will also be higher.

However, not all B12 can be absorbed by the body. Science has confirmed that there are only a handful of plants on the earth that contain "active" B12 that the human body can absorb. As a miraculous nutritional supplement-Chlorella, it is rich in "active" B12, which can help supplement the nutrients needed by the brain - Active B12. More importantly, Chlorella is also rich in natural folic acid, every 100 gram of chlorella contains as high as 1.2 mg of folic acid.

Consumption of chlorella can supplement B12 and folic acid at the same time. This not only provide nutrition for the nervous system, improve memory, and focus more attention, but also slow down brain atrophy. Thereby reducing and slowing down the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

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