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Sun Chlorella can improve gout problem

Gout, also known as hyperuricemia, is a metabolic disorder. Gout and diabetes are also metabolic diseases. When the blood uric acid concentration is too high, uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints, cartilage and kidneys, causing tissue reactions.

Most of the causes of gout are related to eating habits, so people often say that gout is a "drinking and meat disease, and gout is a disease of wealth." The cause of gout lies in food, but there are also genetic factors related to gout. Others include blood disease and kidney disease.


In medicine, there are roughly three treatment methods for treating gout:

The first is to take uric acid production inhibitors every day for life, the second is to never eat seafood and purine-containing foods, and the third is to rehabilitate gout from the onset of drugs, so that it will not worsen to the degree of irritation. The above three methods are commonly used in modern medicine, but such treatment should be difficult to completely cure.

The reason is that gout occurs in an acidic body, so no matter what chemical agent is used, it can only reduce uric acid at one time. It is not a fundamental treatment. You must change your body to a weakly alkaline body to get a complete treatment.

Gout is a difficult disease to treat. There are two ways to cure gout and prevent recurrence:

1/ Avoid acidification of the physique and maintain a normal weak alkalinity, that is, the pH value is between 7.35


2/ Maintain the normal function of human body to metabolize uric acid, that is to say, maintain normal body


In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the effect of consuming pure natural strong and weak alkaline food chlorella. Patients with gout should take a large amount of chlorella, and the effect will be significant after one to two months. The principle is:

1/ The human body continuously produces acidic and alkaline substances in the process of normal metabolism, and also ingests acidic and alkaline substances from the daily diet. Acidic and alkaline substances are constantly changing in the human body. This change must depend on the body's regulation function to maintain relative balance. This balance is the acid-base balance, and the balance range is pH 7.35-7.45, which is most suitable for cell metabolism and the survival of the entire body. All physiological changes and biochemical reactions of the human body are carried out under stable pH conditions. Chlorella is "the king of alkaline food". Its alkaline production is 30 times that of ordinary fruits and vegetables. It can quickly adjust acidic body to weakly alkaline body, maintain body fluids in the pH range of 7.35 to 7.45, which is weakly alkaline, and improve immunity function, balance and regulate metabolic functions. It gives full play to the role of enzymes, and promote metabolism. And it can neutralize the acidic substances that are continuously produced in the body's metabolism, and at the same time reduce the production of uric acid, and reduce the risk of gout.

2/ Gout patients are accompanied by varying degrees of kidney damage, so gout is closely related to nephropathy. The main organ for uric acid excretion is the kidney. The kidney is the most damaged organ by poor uric acid metabolism. Therefore, patients with high uric acid must pay attention to gout and protect the kidneys. Because the CGF in Chlorella has the function of repairing cells, it can increase the regeneration ability of somatic cells by more than 25%, can remove the root cause of abnormal cell metabolism in the body, and restore the function of various organs, especially the kidneys.

3/ Chlorella contains sufficient and balanced vitamin B complex and minerals and a variety of enzymes. They are essential nutrients for regulating human body functions. Therefore, chlorella can effectively regulate human body functions and improve functional metabolism, which is beneficial to a smooth metabolism of uric acid.

How to take chlorella:

Onset period: 10 to 15 capsules at a time, three times a day, after meals. Take it for three consecutive months.

Recovery period: 10 capsules once, twice a day, after meals. Take it for three consecutive months. Proper diet control needed.

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