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Importance of Amino Acid

Chlorella is a treasure trove of human amino acids

About 80% of the human body is made up of water and protein. The protein is composed of 20 amino acids. Through the combination of amino acids, our brains, internal organs, muscles and neurotransmitters are formed. Nine of the 20 amino acids that our body needs cannot be synthesized in the body and need to be ingested through diet, so they are called

"essential amino acids".

Amino acids are contained in proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, etc. However, the types and contents of amino acids contained are different. Therefore, even for protein, it is necessary to adequately take in essential amino acids. When there are feelings such as "I don't know what's going on these days, I can't get enough energy", "I get tired easily", "I always get flu easily" and other feelings, it may be a lack of amino acids. The most important point here is to take 9 kinds of essential amino acids in a balanced and comprehensive way. Since nutrients such as amino acids work in combination with the lowest value, even if one of them is missing, the effect will be halved. Although amino acids will not be deficient as long as they have a balanced diet, for modern people who live a diverse and partial diet, amino acids are nutrients that should be supplemented.


Chlorella contains about 60% of protein and is known as "a treasure house of amino acids". Plant protein not only contains precious essential amino acids, but also rich in non-essential amino acids and various vitamins and minerals. Due to the excellent combination of amino acids, 9 essential amino acids can be well balanced. In addition, because there are abundant non-essential amino acids, it can fully supplement the amino acids whose synthetic ability in the body decreases due to aging, such as collagen.

Studies have shown that amino acids not only form the body’s organization, but also perform various important functions of the body. Twenty kinds of amino acids each perform their own functions and perform their functions in the body. On TV, magazines, etc., introductions about amino acids for improving health attract people's attention. First-class athletes intensively take in such amino acids, and women consume amino acids as supplementary foods for "weight loss" and "beauty". People are increasingly paying much attention in amino acids. However, in addition to the intake of amino acids, aerobic exercise is also necessary for "weight loss", and ultraviolet rays must be avoided as much as possible for "beauty".

There is another reason why amino acids have attracted people's attention, that is, amino acids are the materials that produce collagen. Collagen is a composite tissue that covers one-third of the body, presents a three-dimensional shape and is very elastic. However, if the amino acid is insufficient, collagen cannot be fully produced, and the collagen will gradually be stretched and lose its elasticity, and wrinkles will easily appear. In addition, the hips and chest may sag due to gravity. Except for muscles, bones are covered by bone collagen, and internal organs are covered by internal organs collagen. As a person's food intake decreases with age, and the function of the digestive organs also declines, it is necessary to work hard on how to consume amino acids. Taking chlorella every day is a good food to supplement the amino acids needed by the body.

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