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*Japan Sheng Kangli* hair growth (hair growth liquid)


We lose hair every day, and at the same time, there will be new hair replenishment, which is normal metabolism, but if your hair growth period is very long, you cannot catch up with the hair loss cycle , and your hair becomes weak, it means that you will soon enter the hair loss period. , the vicious cycle will become a real hair loss problem... Therefore, it is necessary to start hair growth before this stage occurs, so that the weak hair can be restored to health and maintain a normal hair growth cycle . Hair Reproduction !


Product Description

The widely used hair restorer mainly contains minoxlyn, but this chemical is not suitable for women. Therefore, the problem of hair loss really bothers many women. Also, even though minoxlyn may help with hair growth, there is a good chance that the hair will fall out after he stops using it. Based on the data obtained from the research and analysis of hair growth and hair growth mechanism, Japan Shengkang Li developed and designed the hair growth and hair growth liquid. Natural hair growth products created for those who want to keep their hair healthy!



● hair growth

● Anti-hair loss

● Supplement nutrients needed by hair root cells

● Antidandruff, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory

● Nourishes and strengthens hair

● Post-illness/postpartum hair loss, hair growth


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Efficacy characteristics

Activates and strengthens each scalp cell and hair follicle cell through Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), promotes blood circulation in capillaries, regenerates cells and tissues, prevents hair follicles from weakening and shrinks, and restarts the hair growth cycle. Effectively shorten the hair growth cycle, make thin hair thick again, reduce hair loss and premature gray hair. At the same time, it provides rich nutrients for hair growth, strengthens hair, and prevents hair loss, dandruff and itching.



● Use on cleansed scalp and hair, (if shampoo, please dry hair first)

● Apply little by little from the top of the head to the entire scalp

● Massage the scalp to help penetration

● It is recommended to use it once or twice in the morning and evening

● It is recommended to use a moderate amount every day, do not use a large amount at one time

● It is recommended to focus on the thinning part of the hair



Sengburi Extract, Carrot Extract, Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, Chlorella Extract [Other Ingredients] 13-Butanediol, Button Extract, I-Menthol, Seaweed Extract (4), Seaweed Extract (1), Shinano wood extract, penetsu extract (1), calamus extract, thick juice extract, ethanol, purified water .


Period of use

2024  year  February

Packaging Specifications




Hair Growth (Hair Growth Solution)

HK$680.00 Regular Price
HK$588.00Sale Price
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