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Taste period: Aug 2023

Originally produced in Japan and sold globally, it is one of the top ten super healthy foods and has won numerous awards.

-Rich complexes of nucleoprotein, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)


-Improve human immunity, anti-virus, anti-aging, repair damaged cells, improve physical strength


-Preventing disease health drinks with soothing and beauty effects,


-Assist electrotherapy, chemotherapy for the weak, or postpartum conditioning


-Suitable for people who are concerned about blood sugar and blood lipids


Chlorella is a high-energy plant that does not use seeds to propagate offspring. So, what method does it rely on to reproduce its offspring? This amazing vitality is determined by the unique biologically active growth factor C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor) of chlorella. C.G.F. is the unique active ingredient of chlorella. With the special growth-promoting active ingredient of C.G.F., chlorella has a superb "clone method". Chlorella CGF Essence is a kind of chlorella essence obtained by isolating and concentrating fresh chlorella cells several times. It is a water-soluble concentrate and not a medicine. It obviously has the health effect of rapid absorption by the human body and rapid replenishment. . CGF is composed of a complex structure of rich nuclear protein, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It is called plant hormone (human vitality hormone, promoting endocrine or interferon, etc.), which is a health maintenance and anti-aging , The active core substance that quickly restores physical fitness.


The C.G.F. in chlorella can increase the regeneration capacity of normal cells by more than 25%. It produces higher quality collagen, and regenerates the skin, cells, tissues and organs. Therefore, Chlorella C.G.F. Essence is most suitable for beauty, wrinkle removal and youthfulness. It may be taken by people who have recovered from a serious illness, the body's immunity is reduced, and some people who are weak due to medical procedures.


Sun Wakasa Gold Plus (500 ml)

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