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Taste period: May 2024

Originally produced in Japan and sold globally, it is one of the top ten super healthy foods and has won numerous awards.

-Won the highest honor in the world quality award [Grand Gold Award], apparently superior to any other brand in the market

-Keep using the best species Pyrenoidosa for 50 years, containing Sporopollenin

Effectively bind heavy metals and chemical toxins including dioxins, and excrete them from the body

-Effectively reduce the concentration of dioxins passed from breast milk to babies

-Great to resolve constipation problem

-Enhance immunity against cold

-Eliminate heavy metals and deodorize

-Pregnant women and children can take it.

-Health care products must be the best and most specialized, because the effect is more important than the price


Sun Chlorella® is cultivated on the islands around the equator with the richest sunshine. The product is rich in chlorella growth factor CGF, nearly 60% protein, 18 amino acids, 16 vitamins, 11 minerals and chlorophyll contents are much higher than ordinary vegetables. Chlorella possess the nutrients needed by the human body, and the gem-like globular green algae with precious cell repair effects are called Sun Chlorella®. Chlorlla has extremely vigorous vitality, it splits into four every 20 hours, and can produce dozens of times the photosynthesis of other plants. It is known as the "canned sun." Sun Chlorella® uses this miraculous chlorella extract as a raw material to help body cells restore health and vitality and enhance immune regulation. Sun Chlorella® has won the respect and love of healthy people in more than 30 countries around the world.


Chlorella contains complete nutrients, but its cell walls are very hard and must undergo wall-breaking treatment before the body can truly absorb its rich nutrients. Sun Chlorella® uses a unique patented wall-breaking technology-DYNO-MILL. decompose this layer of cell wall to ensure that the wall breakage rate is more than 95%, which greatly improves the body's ability to absorb it. Although there are other production methods in the market, such as high pressure, high temperature crushing method or the use of chemical agents, the nutrients will be destroyed and reduced in the process.

Chlorella tablets -300 tablets

SKU: A10002
HK$340.00 Regular Price
HK$288.00Sale Price
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