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Expiry: 2024

Originally produced in Japan and sold throughout the world, chlorella is one of the top ten super healthy foods and has won numerous awards.

- The repairing cream contains chlorella extract (C.G.F) is super permeable and moisturizing

- Keep skin smooth and supple, moisturizing and healthy

- Can be used by men, women and children

- No chemical preservatives are added, only natural ingredients are formulated

- Chlorella extract and nucleic acid can help skin renewal, make skin smoother and more elastic

Every day, your skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays, dryness and other environments, leading to aging. The repairing cream rich in chlorella extract (C.G.F) is super permeable and moisturizing, keeping the skin smooth and supple, moisturizing and healthy. Suitable for any ages at any time.

The product does not add any chemical preservatives, only natural ingredients, including more than 20 minerals plus protein, healthy fats and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the most natural scavenger, while chlorella extract and nucleic acid help skin renewal, making skin more supple and elastic. It is not only used for daily facial care, but also for moisturizing and repairing the skin of the whole body.

Chlorella Cream

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