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Japan Sun Chlorella X Sanuki Udon

Taste period: 2021

Originally made in Japan, sold well in the world, one of the top ten super healthy foods, with numerous awards

- One serving (110 grams of dried noodles) is equivalent to approximately:

- 1.5 times folic acids from carrots

- 0.6 times vitamin B12 of burnt squid

- 0.4 times protein metabolites of burdock

- 2.9 times Vitamin D of Roasted sardine

- 5.6 times calcium of green pepper

-Nutritious and delicious

-Welcomed by old and young


Chlorella is one of the ten super foods, known for its nutrition + detoxification,

In particular, it can eliminate heavy metal toxins from the body, and also contains more than 59 kinds of nutritional supplements that the human body needs.

It is one of the few natural and healthy foods that have both. To promote a healthy dietary life.

In collaboration with Ishimaru Noodles, which has a long history in Kyoto, this premium

Chlorella udon noodles allow you to ingest the healthy nutrition of chlorella while tasting traditional cuisine.

Chlorella udon are delicious and nutritious. You must not miss the pursuit of healthy taste.

It is especially helpful to strengthen the balanced nutrition of children!

Each 100 grams of dried noodles contains 3700 milligrams of chlorella, and one serving (dry noodles 110g/gram) contains the equivalent of 20 capsules (4 grams) of chlorella.

Chlorella Udon

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