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Expiry date: June 2023

Originally imported from Japan and sold well in the world, it is one of the top ten super healthy foods and has won numerous awards.

-The "Gold Award" awarded by the Nobel Prize in the food industry (Monde Selection)

-Polysaccharide content is five times that of Ganoderma lucidum and twice that of Yunzhi

-The protein content is as high as 40%~50%, ranking first in the mushrooms for resisting stubborn diseases

-Agaricus blazei (101 strains from Iwade) is effective against filter viruses

-It is one of the best foods for natural remedies to resist stubborn diseases and quickly improve immunity

-In particular, it provides sufficient energy for infirm patients such as electrotherapy and chemotherapy to assist heal treatment.

-Patented product, combined with Chlorella vulgaris CGF, is more effective than single Agaricus blazei

-Patent No. Japan: No. 3502613 / United States: No. 6627201 B2 / Europe: No. 1247458

Among different species of Agaricus blazei, its effective components or effects vary from strain to strain, and the strain of Agaricus blazei which has been proved to have unique anti-tumor activity is ONLY Iwana 101. The production base of Sun Chlorella Agaricus blazei (101 strains of Iwade) was established in a place called Iguavas in Paraguay. The soil contains many organic ingredients, especially selenium, which is very fertile and suitable for the growth of Agaricus blazei. In order to ensure the best open-air cultivation environment, the soil is used for one year and idle for seven years (because the used soil will contain harmful insects, harmful bacteria, etc.), and each cultivation site is separated by 500 meters. The Republic of Paraguay accepts JICA (Japan International Cooperation Business group) assistance, quality supervision in accordance with Japanese quality standards.

The 15 medicinal fungi that are recognized as effective against tumors, such as Ganoderma lucidum, Shiitake, Agaricus blazei, etc., have a common feature, which is that they contain anti-tumor active polysaccharides. According to research, the Ganoderma lucidum, which is known as "Fariy Grass", has a polysaccharide content of 1.30g/100g, while the 101 polysaccharides of Agaricus blazei Murrilli has a polysaccharide content of 6.55g/100g, and its polysaccharide content is five times that of Ganoderma lucidum. More uniquely, Agaricus blazei contains a β-(1←6)-D-glucan structure that can quickly improve immunity, which is not available in Ganoderma. At the same time, Agaricus blazei contains β-D-glucan, a peculiar anti-tumor active substance that can directly increase the activity of phagocytes, macrophages and natural immune cells. In this way, it is not difficult to understand why 101 strains of Agaricus blazei have a unique anti-tumor effect and an amazing effect of activating human immune function.

Sometimes different types of good raw materials work together to achieve unexpected results. Sun Chlorella Agaricus blazei (101 strains of Iwaki) polysaccharides and other active ingredients are perfectly combined with Chlorella growth factor C.G.F. to make the product more powerful. C.G.F. is the essence extract of Chlorella vulgaris, which is an active substance with biological reaction modification effect, and plays an important role in activating human cells. The effect can be enhanced by mixing with Agaricus blazei. This technology has obtained national patents from the United States, Europe and Japan (Japan: Patent No. 3502613, United States: Patent No. 6627201 B2, Europe: European Patent No. 1247458). Therefore, in the prevention and treatment of persistent diseases, Sun Chlorella green algae extract Agaricus powder must be your first choice.

Agaricus powder (30 sachets)

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