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Main functions of Megami
Protect the health of the macula and relieve eye fatigue. Farewell to dry eyes and astringent eyes, and bring back clear and bright vision! Nowadays, students use computers and smart phones for a long time, and the screen distance is very close. The more serious problems such as myopia and astigmatism are getting, parents should protect the eyes of young children as soon as possible!
It has been confirmed by clinical tests that just taking it daily for four consecutive weeks can significantly improve eye accommodation and fatigue!

protect eyes

Reduce chronic oxidative damage and help prevent cataracts, glaucoma, and macular problems

Improve antioxidant capacity

Improve eyestrain, dry eyes and other problems

Soothes eye ciliary muscles

Improve retinal blood circulation, help delay vision decline, and significantly increase the speed of eye focus adjustment. More than 60% of people said that eye fatigue has improved



Astaxanthin has a super protective effect on our eyes

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, its "anti-aging" effect is 6000 times higher than vitamin C!






正常人每天約產750 mg尿酸,其中約500 mg由腎臟排泄,其餘經膽汁由大腸排出體外。當男性血液中的尿酸值在7mg/dL以上,女性在6mg/dL以上時,便稱為「高尿酸水平」出現難以忍受的疼痛的風險顯著增加。 (在日本5.5 mg/dL被認為是「高尿酸水平」!



  • 腎臟病變:10~20%的病人會有尿酸結石,可能引起腎臟病變。

  • 心血管疾病:尿酸結晶堆肌在血管中可能導致心血管病變。

  • 糖尿病:尿酸過高會影響葡萄糖代謝,而糖尿病人本身也容易有高尿酸的問題。



1) 抑制嘌呤體產生成尿酸

甲肌肽的降尿酸作用機制是藉由增加 HGPRT 的活性,使得代謝中間產物在形成尿酸之前再一次回復到嘌呤,避免製造過多的尿酸

2) 促進尿酸排出,即使產生尿酸,也會順利排出體外,不易蓄積

甲肌肽亦可增加代謝乳酸的 LDH 活性,以促進代謝體內所產生的乳酸,進而促使尿酸排出體外



35 名血清尿酸濃度在 5.5 至 7.0 mg/dL 之間的男性和女性,分別服用含有甲肌肽( 50 mg毫克/天)或沒有甲肌肽的安慰劑,為期 12 週。

結果證實:  服用甲肌肽12週後的尿酸濃度明顯降低。


資料來源:應用藥理學 94 (3/4): 37-42 (2018)

All natural ingredients


1/ Astaxanthin

It is a red carotenoid derived from wild Haematococcus. Its antioxidant effect on the eyes is 150 times that of lutein and 200 times that of anthocyanin.

2/ Saffron

Saffron is a natural carotenoid that contains antioxidants. The benefit to the eyes is that it can help protect the lens and the retina of aging eyes. Helps restore the structure and function of retinal cells. Saffron has a strong protective effect on retinal cells and is especially helpful for macular problems. Modern medicine has also found that saffron has anti-stubborn disease, immune regulation and other functions.

3/ β-carotene

The β-carotene used by Megami is derived from the seaweed on the lake, which is a unique single-celled seaweed that grows in high-salt lake water and contains a high concentration of β-carotene. Beta carotene can protect the lens of the eye, reduce the risk of cataracts, and prevent macular problems. At the same time, the human body can convert β-carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital to the health of the retina and people's vision in the dark. It can also prevent night blindness, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and corneal softening.

4/ Acanthopanax senticosus

Acanthopanax senticosus, also known as Siberian ginseng, is a wild ginseng plant. Mainly distributed in northeastern Asia and Siberia (such as northeast China, Russia and Hokkaido). His roots contain a lot of calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The Chinese have used Acanthopanax senticosus for more than 4,000 years. Acanthopanax senticosus is generally best known for its fatigue-relieving effect. Because Acanthopanax senticosus has the effect of enhancing and promoting blood circulation, it accelerates the delivery of oxygen to various cells and relieves eye fatigue. In addition, Acanthopanax senticosus has many other benefits. It is used to improve headaches, backaches, normalize menstruation, to fight against menopausal problems, help weight loss and improve skin health. The unique ingredients help maintain physical and psychological balance.



​圖 1

​圖 2

用家黎生於去年 6 月中例行驗身時發現他的紅血球沉降率 ESR 指數偏高(圖1)此指數可以用來判斷病人的發炎程度同時發現存有類風濕因子 (圖2)其實黎生早已經有手指關節痛的情況惟他的尿酸指數為 0.39 mmol/L.屬正常卻偏高水平黎生一向有定期服用升康力小球藻及飲用核酸精華飲所以也嘗試服用尿酸靈看看效果他每天服食兩粒,持續三個月。之後不定期服用。期間並沒有更改飲食習慣直至11月不經不覺地感到手指關節痛有不錯的舒緩之後在12月中再次驗血發現他的 ESR 指數已回覆工常範圍而再沒有檢驗出類風濕因子(圖3)現仍繼續定期服用尿酸靈因為他仍然保持其飲食習慣,不希望尿酸情況會失去控制。

​圖 3


Suitable for:

Especially suitable for the following people

1/ Use computers, smart phones, and TVs

    for a long time.

2/ Wear contact lenses for a long time

3/ People who often drive cars expose to sun

4/ Suffer from eye diseases, supplement

    nutrition, speed up self-healing

5/ Sensitive eyes are clear, easy to redness,

    swelling and itching

6/ Eye fatigue, dry eyes, astringent eyes

7/ Balance tear secretion

8/ Macular, presbyopia, astigmatism,




( 2粒×30袋)獨立包裝




The recommended dosage is 5-10 capsules per day, taken with warm water

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