Taste period: March 2022

Originally imported from Japan and sold worldwide.

- With astaxanthin as the main ingredient

- Red carotenoid, anti-oxidant effect on the eyes

- It can soothe and control stubborn eye diseases without worsening

- 5-10 capsules per day to support your healthy vision

- The "Gold Award" awarded by the Nobel Prize in the food industry (Monde Selection)

- Eye fatigue, premature vision loss, excessive eye water


Modern people work with computers for long hours, and continue to use computers and smartphones or TVs during their spare time. Young people and students concentrate all day on computers, phones, and tablets are bad habits that cannot be changed, causing eye strain and premature vision loss. Patients with severe eye diseases are getting younger.

Four elements to protect your eyes - 100% natural

- Astaxanthin

A red carotenoid derived from Haematococcus pluvialis, which protects the eyes against oxidation and free radicals.

- Crocetin

A small molecule carotenoid present in Gardenia, it is easily and quickly absorbed by the body, and only a few grams of Crocetin can be extracted from a kilogram of Gardenia. Thus, it is very precious.

- β-Carotene

The carotene present in carrots, cyan or red vegetables, Megami uses Dunaliella, a unique single-celled algae that grows in high-salt lake water and contains a high concentration of β-carrots.

- Eleuthero

It is a wild ginseng plant grown in Northeast China, Russia and Hokkaido. Its roots contain a lot of calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, its unique Eleutheroside Isofraxidine and green Ingredients such as Chlorogenic help maintain physical and psychological balance.


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